Saturday, October 3, 2009

PostgreSQL Technical Features

Why use PostgreSQL?

* It doesn't cost money.
* Speed about the same factor as commercial databases.
* Supports a broader subset of SQL than MySQL.
* Supports transactions.
* Supports large tables that exceed Linux' file limit.
* Fully Programmable.

Technical Features

* Fully ACID compliant.
* ANSI SQL compliant.
* Referential Integrity.
* Replication (non-commercial and commercial solutions) allowing the duplication of the master database to multiple slave machines.
* Native interfaces for ODBC, JDBC, .Net, C, C++, PHP, Perl, TCL, ECPG, Python, and Ruby.
* Views.
* Triggers.
* Unicode.
* Sequences.
* Inheritance.
* Outer Joins.
* Sub-selects.
* An open API.
* Stored Procedures.
* Native SSL support.
* Procedural languages.
* Hot stand-by (commercial solutions).
* Better than row-level locking.
* Functional and Partial indexes.
* Native Kerberos authentication.
* Support for UNION, UNION ALL and EXCEPT queries.
* Loadable extensions offering SHA1, MD5, XML, and other functionality.
* Tools for generating portable SQL to share with other SQL-compliant systems.
* Extensible data type system providing for custom, user-defined datatypes and rapid development of new datatypes.
* Cross-database compatibility functions for easing the transition from other, less SQL-compliant RDBMS.

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