Sunday, June 10, 2018

Top list of Artificial Intelligence in Indian Agriculture - research ideas


List of Agriculture project idea in deep learning / Artificial Intelligence

*) Agriculture is one of the hot areas where AI can be utilized to increase the farmer's crop productivity and reduce the loss.

*) Idea include, classification for disease control, weather prediction etc..

AI for Agriculture

List of agriculture area for AI

*) Plant disease identification using leaf images

*) Plants Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks

*) Fruits counting for automatic inventory management

*) Land cover segmentation & classification using image data

*) Crop type classification using image classification

*) Pest detection and classification using image classification

*) Weed plant detection from agricultural field images

*) Predicting yield, soil moisture and weather using images processing

*) Plant Gene Classification and Functionality Prediction

*) Automated quality assessment of crops

If anything can be add / missed out, mention in the comments section.

In next blog will discuss possible use-case from AREAS FOR AI INTERVENTION.

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