Tuesday, June 5, 2018

#AIforAll - AI in India : Use case & scenario explained by NITI AAYOG


National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence

*) NITI AAYOG released National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence, Download #AIFORALL

Findings in National Strategy for #AI

Top 5 - #AI Personality mentioned in doc

There are around 30 unique personility mentioned in the #AIforAll doc

Scenario discussed in #AI strategy

Box 1: Machine Learning and Deep Learning

travel substantial distances for basic and advanced healthcare services. (Box 2: What TMH's Cancer

Box 3: Government of India's push for Universal Healthcare Coverage

Box 4: AI for India's cancer woes

Box 5: Application for soil care

Box 7: AI for herbicide optimization

Box 9: Creating ‘smart content' for improved interactivity

Box 10: Microsoft is helping in predicting drop outs in Andhra

Box 12: Effect on R&D

Box 13: What India can learn from other economies in terms of AI

Box 14: The PRAIRIE Institute

reduce operational and maintenance costs while keeping national data secure (Box 11: AIRAWAT)

ICTAI Inc., the overall governing body for ICTAIs, could be the DARPA (see Box 16) equivalent of AI

Box 16: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency

Box 17: European Organization for Nuclear Research aka CERN

Box 18: Impact sourcing through Samasource

Box 19: Why the focus on PSUs

Box 19: Decoding Explainable AI

Box 20: Differential Privacy

Box 21: ImageNet

Top 5 - Country mentioned in doc

There are 52 unique place mentioned in the strategy documnts
*) India

*) China

*) Japan

*) France

*) Germany

In next blog will discuss possible use-case from AREAS FOR AI INTERVENTION.

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