Sunday, June 17, 2018

#AI for social media analytics


List of social media research trend in deep learning / Artificial Intelligence

*) Most of them who using smartphone actively involved in Social Media. the social platform is one of the major sources for gathering and collecting data analysis for the researcher.

*) Here I have listed few use cases and research area from social media data.

AI for social media

List of social media usecase for AI

*) Detecting incidents of cyber bullying
    Input: text feed from social media conversations
    Output: cyber bullying victim and bully identified

*) Characterizing mental stress and suicidal tendencies
    Input: text feed from online profiles and conversations
    Output: people suspected to have stress or suicidal tendencies are flagged

*) Understanding the stress level of students
    Input: Social Media feed
    Output: Predicting the stress level of students and based upon stress level give them consultation

*) Predicting the molesters and eve-teasers
    Input: Social Media feed and history
    Output: Predicting the behaviour of a person.

*) Predicting the fake locations on social Media
    Input: Image uploaded by user
    Output: Predicting exact location

If anything can be add / missed out, mention in the comments section.

In next blog will discuss possible use-case from AREAS FOR AI INTERVENTION.

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