Sunday, June 24, 2018

3 Best Machine Learning Framework for design, experiment and deployment

Open source Machine Learning platform

ML / DL framework for deployment and experiment

*) Listed framework is opensource

*) It provides dashboard

*) Configure, organize, log and reproduce experiments

*) make prototyping experiments easier

Machine learning life cycle framework

List of opensource ML framework

*) MLFlow
    ** An open source platform for the complete machine learning lifecycle

    ** It currently offers three components: MLflow Tracking, MLflow Projects, MLflow Models

*) Sacred
    ** configure, organize, log and reproduce experiments

    ** easily run your experiment for different settings

*) FGLab
    ** machine learning dashboard, designed to make prototyping experiments easier.

    ** here are 3 ways to run FGLab: Installing locally, via Docker, or hosted on Heroku.

If anything can be add / missed out, mention in the comments section.

In next blog will discuss possible use-case from Education AREAS FOR AI INTERVENTION.

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