Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Type of Big Data Analytics

Big Data analytics are emerging to get the actionable data from huge and heterogeneous data. Different  Big Data analytics used in these digitized world.  mainly classified into three categories 
  1. Business analytics
  2. operational analytics
  3. social media analytics
different analytics used in each categories to Extracting business or mission intelligence data from massive amount of data.  

  • Business analytics
    • Predictive Analysis 
    • Behavioral Analysis
    • Comparative Analysis
    • Marketing Analysis
  • operational analytics
    • Fraud Analysis
    • Risk Analysis
    • Customer churn Analysis
    • Retail and sales Analysis
  • social media analytics
    • sentimental analysis

      For  example in Health-care business different analysis used i.e 

          Descriptive Analysis
          Predictive Analysis
          Prescriptive Analysis

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