Thursday, June 5, 2014

Install R in Debian squeeze/BOSS OS

Install R/Rstudio in Debian squeeze/BOSS OS

Install R Prog. on Debian Squeeze

R is a Free software environment for Data Analysis and Graphics
  • Programming Language
  • Data Visualization
By default, Debian squeeze comes up with R packages, you can verify by
root@solaiv[~]#apt-cache search ^r-.*
if you were not find anything add an appropriate entry in
root@solaiv[~]#vi /etc/apt/sources.list
the newest R release can be installed using a command sequence like
root@solaiv[~]#apt-get update
root@solaiv[~]#apt-get install r-base
root@solaiv[~]#apt-get install r-base-dev
to enter to R console
simple add example in R
> a <- 5;
> b <-10;
> c <- a+b;
> c
[1] 15
R packages may then be installed by the local user/admin from the CRAN source packages, typically from inside R using the working wit addition R packages

Install packages from CRAN
> install.packages("RJDBC")
Install NEW packeges from downloaded file
> install.packages("file.tar.gz")
loading packages into sessions
> library("strings")
> require("strings")

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apt-get -f install

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