Thursday, March 31, 2016

taskscheduleR: Scheduling R script via R and Rstudio

Scheduling R script via R / Rstudio

Scheduling R script via R.?

taskscheduleR - It allow users to automate R script on specific timepoints from R / Rstudio itself. No need of windows Task scheduling or Linux Cron to automate R script.

Installation of taskscheduleR


If you want the RStudio add-in to work, also install miniUI and shiny

install.packages('miniUI') install.packages('shiny')
Open Rscheduler window

Click the Addins menu added in Rstudio

You can also open Rscheuler window in Browser by

hit below command in R terminal,

you will notify with "Listening on " and the same can be viewed in browser

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