Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Factor to consider : Choosing a best paying file hosting and sharing site

Important factor to consider before choosing a best paying file sharing/hosting/uploading site for earning money
Once I decided to upload e-books and materials, I have gone through free file uploading and files haring site. Here I have listed few important factor for choosing a best paying file hosting site by choice.
  • Storage limit (5GB to unlimited)
  • Maximum size for single file ( 20 MB to 2GB)
  • Number of day files kept in their repository ( mostly based on the active. If your files download frequently it stay longer else they will delete).
  • Payout ratio ($ for 1000 downloads )
  • Payment mode ( PayPal is good if you are in India)
  • Minimum  payout ( some sites has 5$ which is really good)
  • Upload speed and statistical report with clear user interface
  • Online support / forum
  • Login process ( most of the site activate immediately. Few will take 6 hours of time)
  • Totally free to use / store and share
  • Simple registration process
  • If you are going to share via blogger/ site. You may lose ur visitor.
  • Irritating popup
  • Link doesn't has survey page to fill

you can also look, my experience on these sites in details .

List of file sharing site one can consider

I have tried and tested above listed sites before make it live. have a look for my experience

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