Tuesday, May 13, 2014

My Experience : How to Earn money with online file sharing site

My Experience : the worst part of how to Earn money with online file sharing site      I was decided to upload my collection of e-books (database, data analytics and Big Data related books) to my blog visitors. My friend suggested me to upload via file sharing site and earn money based on the number of downloads and location.

     I was searching for good one to upload and thrilled by huge option in front of me. every one suggesting different top 5 file sharing site with their analysis. Finally I decided to go by trail before make it live in my blog.

Below is the list of file sharing site i tried.


( Apart from GUI, Options ) I found common in all sites was, They locked download option and says " before download a file have to complete the survey". Once you have completed survey download button will unlock automatically!!!!????. which is most tiresome part.

Things you should know earn money with online file sharing site

  • Click to complete survey button, you will get a pop up window, will say choose any survey to complete. 
  • Most of the site not even unlock the download even after complete the survey. ( which i personally  did in all the site)
  • Some of the site survey links is not open for my country (India) and it redirecting to another site. which doesn't have any survey page at all.
  • As a techie, tried to disable JavaScript so i can avoid pop up. yes i did but wouldn't download. i.e avoided pop up window but still download button locked.


     Myself, irritated by many clicks and doing lot many things for downloading single file.  As I don't want my visitor waste time by getting nothing.  so I'm looking better way to share. Meantime I learned Important factor to consider before choosing a best file sharing site for earning money

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