Saturday, November 28, 2015

Apache Spark : how to start worker across cluster

Apache Spark : how to start worker across cluster
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Apache Spark cluster setup. refer if you have any issue Spark over Yarn

How to start worker node from newly added Spark slaves.?
Spark has two slave start-up script under sbin/ dir -: to start all the worker across slaves machine. this should run from Master node -: to start Worker daemon from each and individual Slave. this should run from each slave node. Ex:

sbin/ spark://
above command need to run from slave machine. here is where Spark Master running.
shutting down Netty transport
sbin/ spark://
15/11/27 19:53:53 ERROR NettyTransport: failed to bind to /, shutting down Netty transport
Error due to improper configuration in /etc/hosts. set SPARK_LOCAL_IP to pointng to the local worker system.


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