Friday, November 20, 2015

Working with Association in R : arules and arulesViz package

working with association in R : arules package
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working with Association in R using arules and arulesViz packages

when I try to visualize the top five rules,
Error in as.double(y) : 
  cannot coerce type 'S4' to vector of type 'double'
load the library "arulesViz" into R session
During the load the library I got error,
Error in loadNamespace(i, c(lib.loc, .libPaths()), versionCheck = vI[[i]]) : namespace "lattice" 0.20-24 is already loaded, but >= 0.20.27 is required Error: package or namespace load failed for "arulesViz"
error says that i have outed package that need to be upgraded. to know the installed package list
inst = packageStatus()$inst

inst[inst$Status != "ok", c("Package", "Version", "Status")]

#will list out all the package with installed version( not current version)


#list out the installed version and current version of the package.

#then restart the R session will solve the error.

detach_package("lattice", TRUE)
#will unload the package with out restarting R session
finallly got the output of the plot

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